Marilyn Monroe is my Homegirl!

Its a rainy day and after running around and taking a nice lil nap, I settled down, popped in a movie and did some online browsing. Thanks to the wonderfull world of Facebook, I stumbled across a website called:  I fell in love with this website! Its a forum where people can browse for handmade items or sell their creations. I love it because it helps to support artists of all trades and for those shoppers who get tired of seeing the same things in the malls, can find something that is truely unique and that no one has. I pride myself in finding things that no one has because I like to have my own style. I love to mix and match different trends in a way that it all just flows together!

So did I mention I have a slight obsession with Marilyn Monroe? I did a search for Marilyn Monroe earrings and I came across these:

Theyre funky and classy at the same time. I am in no ways a "gangsta" but I do love bandanas and street wear and the best thing is that these babies are only $10! I posted the link to this particular artists page so if you wanna check it out, the artists page is called "Running with Scissors" . Check it out and enjoy!

All Will Prevail