They Call her Lola....

I am realizing that my artistic style is really vibrant, contemporary and abstract. I had a request to paint a piece for a friend of the family for something over her couch for her living room. She was really vague about what she wanted, just that she wanted nuetral earthy colors. So, of course I didnt know what I was gonna do. I went to my Favorite art store: Jerry's Art-O-Rama and got a canvas and paint....along with a bunch of other stuff I prolly didnt need, but when stuff is on sale, I just cant help myself. lol

Yesterday, I set up my painting "studio" on my patio in the back yard and got to work. I really enjoyed it, I started out with the greens and it took me into creating a rain foresty type islander paradise with of course my favorite flowers lilies. And here is the outcome:

I am going to start a line of paintings similiar to this and will be selling them if anyone is interested. I will be participating in art shows in the springtime too in 2011. I will be posting more information as the time gets closer. Hope you enjoy and you can also view my art at on my home page:     or click to the ad on the right to see other art I have worked on.

Have a wonderful day!
All Will Prevail