"It's Cheaper to Keep Her!!!!!!!"

0After my mom and I took a nice walk through her neighborhood, we got all dolled up( the pic above is me in my bright dress, a lil blurry) and on a side note-(I bought this outfit on sale at RUE 21..shoes: $5, dress $6 and the zebra tights-$2) and went out with the girls. We were invited to go see a play "Cheaper to Keep Her". I didnt know too much about the play until I googled it on my mom's Iphone for directions, and I saw that it starred Vivica A. Fox and Brian McKnight. I didnt know if it would really be them traveling and doing this show until we got to the concert hall and I found out it would be them! I was so excited to see the play and it was totally worth the $50 to go see it.

This show was just awesome. I dont know what it is about seeing a play..watching the actors perform, I think is just a fun experience. This was a comedy, soap opera and concert all in one. Brian Mcknight is such an amazing R&B singer.

If you appreciate the arts, either its  performing arts, painting, music, dance...I definetly recommend going out to a play or broadway musical. Support the theaters and the many actors and actresses pouring their hearts into the stage. It was so awesome!

The next play that is coming up is The Lion King Broadway. I havent seen it, but I am gonna go to it!!!

artistically yours, Siren

All Will Prevail