Extra Cash is Nice Around the Holidays!

So, many of you know I am back in school for my 3rd time at college and I have been moving around the past 10 years. lol Everything is starting to fall into place...and now that it is the holiday's and I am actually home for the holidays, I wanna be able to have a good time with my children and loved ones.  Like so many other people, who are strapped for cash and are figuring out ways to make some money on the side, I have decided to hold a Gift Wrap Weekend.

So, what is that? Well, my parents live in a big neighborhood, where alot of people drive through and instead of having a yard sell, or sell cookies, I decided to try and do a wrapping service. When I was a teenager, I remember how my mom or my aunt would come into my room to hide presents from each other and have me wrap them. I didnt mind doing it, in fact I love it. My mom does too, she likes to get all the big, obnoxious bows and ribbons....put in all this work just so someone can rip to shreds. lol But that is the fun of presents!

So, since I am also a graphic design major and a big art nerd, I decided to try and make a flyer on the computer since I need alot of practice. I downloaded a trial version of ADOBE Creative Suite.. ..

and I already have a Wacom Tablet..and have been eager to really use it on something. I found some free vectors online and after a few hours I was able to put this together:

I have to say it's not bad considering its my first ever! I thought it was a good idea to maybe sell some hot cocoa and a cookie for $1.00 while people wait and I will have christmas music playing. I am not sure how it will turn out, but I am testing the waters to see how my advertising will play out.

My next project, among many, I am working on a shopping ad. Stay tuned! Thanks for reading!

As ever, with hot cocoa and warm gooey chocolate chip cookies,
Ce Cilia Marie

Do what you love and the money will follow.