My Name is Cecilia...and I am a shopaholic

I love when the holidays are here and not to sound creepy, but I love to go to the mall and sit down and watch people. I said this before in another blog, I feel everyone's energy and I love it! For me, shopping makes me feel good. I am also a huge bargain shopper and a penny pincher. I pride myself on finding good deals and finding things that are different. I see potential and beauty in everything! And I love shopping during Christmas. I could spend all day in a mall or shopping center, even if its not shopping for myself, I love it. I don't know if it's because I am a fashion major as well and I love the world of retail, or if I am just insane.

After playing around in Adobe Illustrator and I made my flyer for my gift wrap weekend, I had another idea to see if I can make some extra money being a personal shopper. I am going to post my two ads on craigslist and hope I get some business. If I get some decent clients, I may extend this shopping into the new year. So, I am excited and here is my flyer that I made:

Now that it is getting late, I am going to end for the night and see what tomorrow brings!

As ever, your shopaholic, Ce Cilia Marie

Do what you love and the money will follow.