Finally November!!!!

So Halloween came and went this year. I didnt get to do much but I did enjoy hanging out with the family and the hubby. We did get to dress us. My hubby as a scary clown ( who scares teh crap of a teenage girl walking around with her friends in the street, and made her cry....and then her friend told him he was a for a lack of better term "d**k..keepin it PG here lol. and I dressed up as a scary version of Harley Quinn...whom is of course in the comic books, is Joker's girlfriend. I did my make up and hair and did my best to look very disturbed. lol

I was told repeately by many that they couldnt take me serious when I look like this. lol. My brother, cousin and hubby participated in a zombie run in Norfolk for Halloween, where like 1200 people had to go to check points and avoid getting attacked by "zombies" who were track runners from's a pic of one of them...and I wonder how he did his make up or who put this look together...they did an awesome job.

So umm...yea. My hunny and I also went and saw Paranormal Activity 2. and I know many people dont like these movies or think they are stupid, but I loved it! I must have screamed like 5 or 6 times! We also took the kids to a pumpkin patch and picked out pumpkins and let them run around on bouncy inflatables. So, overall..our halloween was great. Now its time for the holidays!!! Sorry I havent blogged in a while..just been busy, Ill try to blog more throughout the week! Thanks for reading and alot of love!

All Will Prevail