Personal Shopper is not CODEWORD for something else....

Sorry it has been a few days since I have posted, I have been so busy with finals at school, and with Thanksgiving and Black was hectic. Then of course, shopping and getting a tree picked out and decorating for Christmas. I am getting wiped out. I hope everyone had a great and yummy Thanksgiving. I was grateful to be back in my hometown for the holiday and stuffed myself with son I think ate his weight in turkey. I wish I had a pic of him just chowin down. lol

My last post, I showed a flyer I made to be a personal shopper so I can help to make a lil extra money for my school kit. I didnt have time to post it around town, so I had posted it on Craigslist, which I wasnt sure about but hey, it couldnt hurt. I got a call early in the morning from a guy who said he wanted me to shop for a tv since he would be working.  Let's just say when I met him ( and of course I brought a friend) to his job to go over a shopping contract, I think he had other intentions. So, needless to say..I left there in a hurry. lol What a creepo though. So, for those who are posting careful! You never know who is a creep!

And speeking of a creep, the other morning, when it was pouring down rain, at 7am, this old dude came knockin on our door. My cousin and I freaked out, and I had my husband answer the door....the ol guy was trying to hand out pamplets about a church somewhere and asking if we go to church. OK, nothing against religion or churches....but first of all....its pouring out, like a hurricane out, and its 7am...when some people are still sleeping....I respect all religions, but do not like when religion is pushed onto me..or pounding on my door 7am in the morning. C'mon! Anyways, just wanted to vent and share with yall.

Its the holidays, everyone please be careful! Happy Holidays!

Do what you love and the money will follow.