Cheers to the New Year! 2011

Happy New Year!!!!! 2011

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday! New Year's was fun for Jermie and I, this was our first New Years actually doing something. Last year, we didnt go out, so this year we went out to a friend's house for a small get together. We wanted to go dancing at a club, but the cover charges are ridiculous!!! or the new slang i keep, hahahaha weird. I didnt drink on New Years..although I wish I could say the same about check out his drunken stare in this picture! hehehehehehe

Right after we kissed at midnight! lol

For some reason, I have been into doing blue eyeshadow so, of course I dressed in blue and black. We had fun hanging out with old friends but as soon as it was midnight, we were ready to go. hahahaha. Thankfully we dont live far from where we were at.

Reading up on all the blogs I follow...and videos on youtube that I watch, everyone is posting about their New Year's Resolution. I cant remember if I have already mentioned it, but my New Year's Resolution is to save money, because Jermie and I want to buy a house, or a townhouse. I can never have just one another resolution is to continue doing good in college and to complete my training at the Rudy & Kelly Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School. I should be finished with the program by November. I am so excited because once I am completed with that, I will be able to start actually making a name for myself as a stylist and make up artist and start doing things that I love, such as painting, art, fashion, style, cooking, sewing, make up and so much more.

can barely see it, but my eye shadow is a purty blue!

My last resolution is that I want to make videos on youtube and make my blog more public. A part of me is nervous to do that, mainly because I am terrified that no one will watch or read it, or that they will find me incredibly boring....but I think it will be fun to post videos on sewing and make up and hair tricks....Who knows? So, I want to start that too. We will see. My schedule is gonna be busy enough going to two schools, and being a mom and a wife and whew....but I can handle it!


With hope and dreams of the future, Ce Cilia Marie