Thankful for Family

Christmas 2010 is over, its the day after Christmas and since we got snowed in (freak snow and basically the whole city shut down), I stayed at my parents house and just chilled. Looking back on the year 2010, so much has happened. A year ago, my husband and I were in Colorado, and we would have never imagined we would be home with family and friends. I dont even think Jermie and I even celebrated the holidays last year, all we remember is riding the bus in the snow in Colorado. lol   But it just goes to show, that with hard work and patience and have the power to change your life.

With what I have been through the past 10 years, from serving 4 years in the army, 2 deployments, having children and moving like a billion times, a divorce, getting married again, and so much more i do not even like to talk about, it is such a relief that all my sweat and tears and everything I worked for and all that I have struggled through finally paid off. All I wanted last year was to come home to Virginia. I have been home for about 6 months and everything is falling into place.

Christmas was awesome, it almost didnt feel like it was christmas. My husband and I were in shock, but we pulled it through. Shopping and wrapping presents for everyone was so much fun and I enjoyed watching all my cousins and my children run around the house, all my aunts and my mom and friends of the family all piled in the kitchen, cooking, wrapping and eating lumpias.....I loved it.

Christmas morning was amazing, although I was sick (which I am feeling so much better), and I got alot of great presents from everyone. I am just grateful that I was able to be with my family. I know I say that all the time, but I am so humbled I cant help but to write about it. Well, that is all I am gonna say for now, just wanted to write and wish everyone a happy christmas!

Do what you love and the money will follow.