Time flies when your'e having fun!

I havent been on lately to blog all week! The new semester started last monday and then the next day, Tuesday my classes started at The Rudy & Kelly Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School! I am so in love with this school! The energy and the atmosphere is so amazing, I feel so motivated to go and I feel like I am on the right path towards being successful and making a name for myself. Everyday I learn something new and I meet awesome people everyday. I have a big "kit" filled with combs, blow dryer, straightener, clips in a sleek carrying case. I feel so professional!

Me posing with my doll, I named her Lily....which is my fav flower!!!

Being at two schools is exhausting and trying to balance my schedule and my husbands and of course spending quality time with the kids! Arabella's 7th birthday is coming up and I am planning on baking a topsy turvy cake......and so I will be posting a video on that too!

Sorry this post is short, but I am afraid this is all I can pump out because I am catching another cold :(

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Do what you love and the money will follow.