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I cant believe it! On Jan 11, 2011, earlier this year, I started my journey at Rudy & Kelly Paul Mitchell Academy to learn more about the beauty industry and hair, color, cutting, makeup, skin care and so much more. This time last year I had no idea what I was gonna do with my life, I felt I had no options. Now that I am done, I feel like I have unlimited options of what I can do in this career.

Today I graduated at 5:15pm and I cant believe it! I cant even begin to process it! I still have to take my state boards and get licensed but this is just one step closer to achieveing that!

I have met so many inspiring people, not just learning leaders on staff but other future professionals as well, and I hope that I have inspired others as well. I started out unsure of myself and why I was even in hair school when I am a fashion major and artist, but I found that I can combine all my passions into one. I dont have to limit myself to just one option.

As I practiced more and more on all my crafts, I became more confident in myself and what I can accomplish. Its just an amazing feeling to do something you love and for others to enjoy it as well.

In high school, I attended Fashion Design at Votech, and I had loved it soooo much, not just because of what I learned, but of who I met and the friendships I made. Going here is a similar experience for me. Life is really about the people you meet. You come to realize who are truly friends and who are not.

I know that I am not alone in this feeling, I hope that everyone has a pleasant experience while attending school. I was never one to get involved in drama, because life is too short for that and I dont have time! I know I am throwing out some cheesy quotes, but it really is true!

I just wanted to share  this amazing day with you!!!! Thank you for stopping by!

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Super Service Day II

Rudy & Kelly Academy Paul Mitchell hosted its second Super Service Day this past Tuesday.  I have posted about this before, so for those who do not know what it is, Super Service Day is where the whole school takes on a salon atmosphere and the future professionals get a chance to be booked all day with back to back clients. Last SSD was in September or right before September, and I had booked 5 clients and also had 2 walk ins. I had sold the most takehome products for the day and won a set of Paul Mitchell Cutting Shears. (Which is AWESOME, because those babies are expensive!)

This was a photo taken after Super Service Day in September, I had received flowers for my birthday and stuck the fallen petals in my hair. hahahaha

We are all broken down into teams, andonce again I was on the GREEN TEAM. I had prebooked 7 clients and with my friend Hailey's help she assisted in blow drying and sectioning, shampooing. I had to pass off a haircut to her because I did not have time to cut a clients hair. I had two other assistants Josh and Ashley that helped to blowdry and style out my cousin, Jessica. See below

I did about 3 or 4  all over color applications, a Keratin Conditioning treatment, a manicure, blowdry and style. Almost every guest of mine bought products and this morning, they announced that I won for having the most services performed for SSD! Hailey also won for most take home products sold! And we are both on the green team.

Everyone that had a guest that day was able to pick two items out of a big cart full of goodies, and I grabbed some clips ( because you can never have enough) and Modern Elixers Foam, I also won a Paul Mitchell Express Ion Dry V2 Dryer, and The Style for a Cause Stylist Pink Pack. I took a quick pic below

I had alot of fun doing the SSD especially since I graduate next week. I just wanted to share this with you on one of the many fun things I do at school!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you again!

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For Us and For You

Following my earlier post of "Graduating Already", I felt that a video with pictures is just not enough.

Since I am the geek who loves to make videos, I went around and got a few words of the girls I started school with.  These girls, who I barely knew sitting next to in a classroom, are now among those I call "family". 

Ms. Christina- we were her first CORE class

We have laughed together, cried together and even though we may not get along all the time, and we get on each others nerves, we have each others back no matter what.

I wish I could post ALL the pictures I have because all these pictures hold memories. People make fun of me because I am always taking pictures. The reason I do, is because I regret not having pictures during the times I would have liked to remember. Life is too short, so I take pictures to remember it all.

So many doors are already being opened not only for me, but for anyone who wants to take that risk and go for their dreams.  So this is for all of you, from us. Good luck to you

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Graduating already???

I started Rudy & Kelly Paul Mitchell Academy in January earlier this year.  I have said this before and I will say it again, Hair is not my Passion, at least not at first. I have been a geeked out artist most of my life, my first love has always been fashion and following that Design. I have studied fashion design, fashion merchandising, fashion retail management, interior design and graphic design.

Pic from 2006 when I was in school for Fashion Merchandising
But mind you, I have never completed any of my degree programs, not because I didnt want to, but like so many of my readers have experienced, Life gets in the way and puts plans on pause.
I have had to start over my life so many times throughout my journey to find myself and to find what I was passionate for. All I knew was that I loved ART, in all shapes and forms. I was in the military and have worked in various other fields and I just never felt like I was doing what I loved.

My first love: Fashion (like my lil avatar? hahahaha)
Some people would view me as a dreamer, or undecided, or lost and drifting artist because I want to do so many things. I think I am ambitious, I want to incorporate all my loves and passion and combine them all to be the ultimate artist and share my art with the world.

I have grown alot over the past year and have rediscovered myself all over again and have awakened the resting artist inside. Attending this school has changed my life in more ways than one. I didnt view this school as just a way to pass time, or just to do something with myself because I was bored.

I viewed this school as a second chance in life, a way to redeem myself since I felt like a failure for not finishing college (I dont feel like that anymore (:  ) 

The first of our class graduated this past saturday and the rest of us will be following within the next month or two. I graduate next month and I am excited to move onto the next chapter.
So, here is a quick 5 minute video of a brief slideshow of some of my classmates and I.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing this with me.

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Winner of Top Photo Stylist Competition

Lucie Doughty

This past weekend, Lucie Doughty (One of the top stylists of Paul Mitchell family!) herself made a phone call to Rudy & Kelly Academy Paul Mitchell Partner School to announce that one of the learning leaders, Ms. Angie Duncan won The Next Top Photo Stylist Competition for the Makeup Category!!!!!! 

Angie Duncan- Learning Leader and winner!!!
News like this travels fast in our school and when I made my way to Ms. Angie to give her congratulatory hugs, she had tears in her eyes and she was just in complete SHOCK. I am so happy for her and proud of her because I remember me and her would always talk about what that would be like to win and to go out to California to do a photo shoot with Lucie.
Myself, Ms. Angie, Ms. Emily and Jak Jak!
Today, Ms. Angie was teaching our makeup specialty class and I really enjoyed her telling us about her struggles in her life and how she strived to always push herself and go for her dreams.

She showed us her "dream Board"and  she described it as having it so detailed and precise that istead of wishing for things to happen, she would type up affirmations of what she wants to happen as if they have already happened. A good example would be that her past dream board, she wrote that she she won the photo shoot with Lucie Doughty and then it really happened!

It is as if she spoke it into existence! After her class today, and exploring what other career opportunities there could be out there for me, I felt so inspired- I think it was the swift kick in my butt that I needed! hahahahaha

I just wanted to share with you all the great news for Ms. Angie, who is also a mentor to me. I am so happy for her and cant wait to see what her photo shoot will be like with Lucie!

And if you want to check Lucie's work out, just google her and see what kind of work she does! Its amazing, here are a few of my favorites from her latest photo shoot

I hope you enjoyed this and I hope you stop by again!

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Race for a Cure

This past weekend, our school, Rudy & Kelly Paul Mitchell Partner School participated in the Breast Cancer Race for a Cure Susan G Komen Foundation here in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

We all met up at 9am dressed in our school tshirts and joined many other supporters, survivors, family and friends to help support this Foundation.

I know a few survivors that have beat the breast cancer and fortunatly none of my close family or friends has lost their battle to breast cancer. I have, however had family members pass away from other types of cancers such as Lung Cancer and Brain Cancer. Losing someone you love to cancer is hard, because you feel so helpless. But I have learned is no matter what, you keep supporting and loving that person.

There was a survivor that got married on stage in front of the entire crowd to a man she fell madly in love with. All of us witnessed their marriage ceremony, and it was a beautiful one at that!! Her hair and makeup was done by students and staff from my school. It is awesome to be apart of that! We all cried and cheered for her and her new husband.

This was an amazing experience that I am proud to have been apart of it.

Here are some pictures, enjoy

That is a dolphin I managed to snap a quick picture of!!!

The Couple getting married!

This baby was sooo happy and kickin his legs out, it was so adorable!
This walk was for every man, woman and child affected by Breast Cancer.

There is a light in this world, a healing spirit
more powerful than any darkness we may encounter.
We sometime lose sight of this force
when there is suffering, and too much pain.
Then suddenly,
the spirit will emerge
through the lives of ordinary people who hear a call
and answer in extraordinary ways.Mother Teresa

Have you participated in helping to find a cure for any type of cancer? This was my first time doing this type of thing, and I will continue to do this every chance I get.

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Princess for a Day

It has been so busy this week, and I finally got a night to type up some blogs. I really try to blog everyday, but it gets hard when I dont have an ipad or a tablet or even a smart phone hahaha But that is on the bottom on my list of needs/wants for right now.

Last saturday, I participated in Princess for a Day at Rudy & Kelly Paul Mitchell Partner School. We get to dress up in pretty dresses and little girls come in dressed up as princesses and they get their own crown and their hair curled, a mini eyeshadow application, lip gloss and nail polish. I had brought my face paint so if any of them wanted to have something on their cheek I could whip out my paint brush and make them even more glamourous!

We felt like princesses ourselves :)

My daughter finally let me do her hair!

She loves these events!
We are having this event again soon. I believe sometime next month! I dont think I will do it again just so other future pros have a chance to do it. But I had a blast and I am glad all the girls did. I wish they would do a "Super Hero for a Day" so that all the boys have something cool to go to. I could do their facepaint and spike their hair up because I know my son Matthias would love it! When I have my salon/boutique, I will def be having those events for my special little guests :)

Thanks for stopping by my sweets!

My boyfriend calls me princess, but I think of myself more along the lines of monkey and retard.
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What the Heck is CAPER?

I have been mentioning Caper for a few posts online and I have been getting the question, "What is Caper?"

Caper is an educational experience held for Future Professionals only. Three days of non-stop entertainment, inspirational speaking and amazing education from Paul Mtichell's Advanced Academy Memebers and Global Artistic Team, such as Robert Cromeans, Angus Mitchell and Takashi...just to name a few.

Its a chance for us future pros to learn directly from the top stylists doing haircutting and color and so much more. We get to have fun along the way too, especially at the All White Party I have heard so much about.

But we cannot just buy a ticket and go there, we have to EARN our way to get to Vegas by selling Caper Bags. Each school across the country is provided with certain amounts of bags and we have to sell 40 of the product bags, or 8 of the Tool bags and it pays for our ticket and hotel stay  and airfare to go.

Here are the bags:

Tuesday is our CAPER KICK OFF at school and we are doing a school POT LUCK and we get to wear Caper Colors of product lines. I am making Lumpia and fried rice! Which will be yummy!

I am so determined to go to Caper not just because it is in Vegas, but because this is an awesome opportunity to actually learn from the Pros and have a fun time. I have been offering some of my clients free hair cuts and style if they purchase a bag or two in my name and so I have a few of them ready to be sold on Tuesday!

The bags can be sold through the month of October, but its only until the supplies last, and last year, our school sold out in 6 days! So I have been on my grind to get these bags sold!

Please, anyone that would like to purchase and help me get to CAPER, please contact me at Anyone can call up to the school as well as place the order and pay with a credit card to reserve it. If I need to ship it out to anyone, I would gladly ship it to you for free if you are not in the 757 area!

Thanks for stopping by as always, I appreciate every one of you who take the time out to read my lil blog!

Quote of the day:

For every sale you miss because you're too enthusiastic, you will miss a hundred because you're not enthusiastic enough.
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Today was a busy day, almost like everyday but there was just an energy in the air almost electrofying...well, at least to me anyways.  We had our Townhall day yesterday (where we get a day off, but the learning leaders have training-so like a teacher work day haha), but we still get our hours as long as we do our "Homeplay"-they dont like to say "homework" so instead they insert play. We had to come up with a PATRIOTIC updo or theme and we could use accessories, well, I decided to do something different. Check it out!

After lunch, we went and had FREE HUGS DAY! This is an event that ALL Paul Mitchell Schools all over the country go out into the community at the same time and give Free Hugs to people and share our Paul Mitchell "Be Nice or Else" Culture.

Here is a video from our school last year!

I am still editing the video footage that I shot, but in the meantime, here are some images to feast your eyeballs on!

Mr. Rudy himself of Rudy & Kelly Salons out for FREE HUGS!

I love my Ms. Emily!

My carribean loves! Jinaki and Titielle

I really love how these pics came out. I used my SONY BLOGGIE. I am impressed! Outside light looks amazing with this camera...but inside light-not so much. But I still love it!

I mailed out my entry form, my photos and everything in my packet to the Top Photo Stylist Contest for Paul Mitchell Schools today! I love my photos and the experience I had while doing the photoshoot, but I have bigger aspirations and I see where I can improve. So, I am really eager to do more photoshoots and expand on this aspect of hair and makeup. On  a positive note, I can say that this photoshoot wasnt bad for my first one. There is def more to come!

Here is the video that I edited for our Free Hugs Event! Check it out- there are tons of funny moments!

As always, thanks for stopping by and dont forget I have a giveaway going on for My Memories! Open till friday!

Quote of the day:
I believe anything is possible. Research into quantum physics proves that a system changes simply by someone observing it. Therefore, all you have to do is be awake and aware of your environment, and that enables you to transform everything around you. It sounds like hocus pocus, but scientists are coming to realize that just thinking about something can make it happen. Turns out maybe faith can move mountains.
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