This week is FINALLY OVER!!!!

Again, this week has been super super busy. My lil brother left for California this past tuesday, and my mom arrived safely in Korea....which she didnt call...but I found out through FB. talk about power of technology. lol

my stressed out face!

Things are finally settling down, we are all moved in and trying to get settled. We havent been able to unpack all our boxes, but I am slowly workin through them one box at a time....but the house looks like are a bunch of hoarders.

And speaking of hoarders, my mother hoards empty boxes!!!!!! Crazy, huh???? I know! I was cleanning out my old closet and my mom has alot of PartyLite boxes because she is a consultant and all the boxes were empty!!!!

Well, this will be a short post for to go unpack!

Do what you love and the money will follow.