Antique shops are our new addiction!!!

My makeup for this day, I used soft colors: pink, teal, purple and white

A week or two ago, Jermie and I went to this Antique Mall that we have been eyeballin for months now. During Christmas, we got hooked on that show, "American Pickers" and so we got to this big warehouse of antiques and stayed in there for nearly 2 hours browsing every nook and cranny for stuff.

I found a beautiful antique mystic topaz ring I wanted for my actual wedding ring ( all we have are wedding bands) and found a few antique sewing mannequins that I wanted but they werent selling :( 

I also found this cute pink wicker table. I love wicker furniture. In my room, you can see in my last video, I have a white wicker vanity that belonged to my grandmother that passed away in 2009, and she gave it to me years ago. So, I am keeping it to one day give to my daughter. My grandmother used to take me to this furniture store that sold alot of wicker furnishings in Lakeland Florida. I dont even remember the name of the store, we just called it the wicka store. lol, but this piece below reminded me of her

There were so many things that we found, that reminded us of our parents, our grandparents and even great grandparents, we found stuff from our childhoods that we used to play with and it was like taking a trip down memory lane.

I found a BIG section on Mermaids, and I was thrilled! I couldnt pick what I wanted, because if I could, I would have bought everything!!!

I bought this sign which is now nailed into my wall above my tv! I love it
Jermie geeked out on signs and I found a few too that were funny!

This one was shocking! Norfolk, VA
There was so much more that we saw, and I could write pages and pages on. But this was just a highlight and a quick blog I wanted to post.

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