New Haircut Idea

For FUNraising at my school, (which I cant seem to stop talking about) On April 10th, our learning leaders will be available to do hair services on us, future professionals. I want Christina to color my hair. She is a real laid back learning leader, and whenever we have a question, she always helps!

Here is Christina pointing at my hair, which "Pink" the girl behind me got her ring stuck in my hair! lol
I made my appointment with her to do my color service, which I am planning on coloring half of the front of my hair a deep blue color, and a block section of lightened hair on the other side, with the black color for the rest of my hair. I drew a diagram of it, so I will have to find it and post it. I know it sounds drastic, and thats the point! I wanted to do purple, but a few other girls have that, and I dont like to have the same thing as others, so this is what I want done. Here is a few different styles of BLUE

This is the Blue I like!

I like this too, but I love her room in the background
As for the haircut, I saw a video of a band and the lead singer had part of her head shaved in the front sides, I think she had a mohawk, but I am not that drastic! I started to research a few styles of half head shaved hairstyles and I came to find out that many people have had that haircut, such as Carmen Electra, Cassie, La La and the style has been seen on the runway at fashion shows in NY.

I am gonna do it! I am gonna shave a small portion like these above, but I want to put a design in it somehow and have the blue and blonde and black. I cant wait to do it and of course I will post a blog and a video to go along with it.. It wont be for another few weeks, but I wanted to share it with yall. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Love ya! and thanks for stopping by!

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