Busy Busy week

This week was amazing! I had two guests in my chair which I had already posted about in my last post, and yesterday was a busy saturday! We had our Princess For a Day event for FUNraising at Rudy & Kelly Paul Mitchell School where girls under 14 can come and be treated like a princess, they can wear a princess costume, get their hair done in a pretty updo, a lil makeup and get their nails painted and they even get their own princess tiara!!! So, of course Arabella wanted to go and she was excited about it all week!

her hair is so long!

They played princess movies all day and she was so good, at first she was shy and clung to my arm, but I knew once she warmed up to everyone, that she would show her real personality. 

I had my second guest yesterday while Arabella was getting all dolled up, and my guest was really laid back and outgoing, and she wanted her hair colored and cut. She had really curly hair and it was my first haircut on a female. I wasnt nervous at all, so I think maybe I was meant to do this! I did everything I was taught to do and was reall friendly and made sure she had a great experience since it was her first time coming into the school. Here is a picture of her haircut

She was really happy with her cut and color and when she left, she tipped me $20! I couldnt believe that! I told one of our learning leaders and she said, "See, that's what happens when you are professional". It totally made my day! I went into the New Core classroom and shared my news with the newest future professionals that if they do everything they are taught with a positive attitude, they can go far!

After that, Bella was all done and she stayed with me until the end of the day and by that time, she was acting herself, in fact she was rolling on the ground, growling at people in a playful way! lol she is so funny!

she was changed out of her dress and her updo was falling out, when I tried to fix it, she said, "no!!!! I like it when it falls out!" lol

That was my day yesterday! Just wanted to share it with my bloggers!

Do what you love and the money will follow.