Mohawk Fever

My brother has been asking me to cut his hair for about a week or two ago, and I finally had some free time to do it today, so I sat him down in my Chair, (or the kitchen chair I should say hehehe), draped him and started clipping his hair up in a mohawk section.

I love that my family trusts me enough to practice on them lol. He was such a good sport, he didnt mind having like 7 clips in his hair while I shaved off the sides of his head using my Paul Mitchell clippers ( I used size 3). He did not want it faded, which I would have, but he is the "guest" not me. lol

I shaved off the sides and used my trimmers to clean up the edges around his hairline and neckline. I slightly tapered the back mohawk section so it didnt look so thick. He wanted me to trip up the back so that the hair didnt go past his collar (for work purposes) and also trim the front so it didnt hang past his eyes. So I did a one length trim in both places and that was it! pretty easy stuff.

how much hair I cut off!!!!
He loved it and so did I! He even liked that he could push the hair in either direction for his part, and I teased him saying he can whip his hair back and forth. lol "I whip my hair back and forth" lol

I also gave my son, Matthias a haircut, but couldnt find a camera to take a picture. I shouldve checked with his dad, because he wanted to have a mohawk with him. So, maybe next haircut, I will do a mohawk on Matti. :)

Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome day!

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