Gonna BITCHSLAP You!!!

I subscribe to a few girls on youtube, and for a while now, I have been watching Prettylilmzgrace:

And she turned me onto BitchSlap Cosmetics. I have been wanting to order some for a while, but just have not had time to. Since my ebay paypal gave me a refund on cosmetic case, I used that to buy a foundation from Bitchslap.

I wanted to get so many things, they have fabulous eyeshadows and fun palletes full of vibrant colors,they have accessories and all sorts of things. But for now, since I am just trying it out, I picked up a foundation:

It is an IVORY BEIGE foundation which cost $18. The shipping was $5 on top of that, but with youtube's makeup artist Prettylilmzgrace you can use her name as a coupon code and get 15% off, so that paid for shipping basically and soon it should be on its way. I cant wait to try it out and when I get it I will do a review.

That is it for my online shopping!

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