Where do Cosmetologists shop?

Since attending RKA Paul Mitchell School, I have come to learn that many of the professionals and students go to a store called Cosmoprof for all their cosmetology needs.  Sure, many beauticians can go to Sally's or any other beauty store, but for the best items for the best prices, you wanna go here. I havent been there yet, mainly because I didnt know where it was at and just didnt have time, until my sweet husband told me that there was one right by our neighborhood. Wow, like how could I miss that????

I went in there after school and signed up with a student card, (which only licensed professionals or students are allowed to shop there). I browsed around for a few minutes to check out their inventory, and I got excited as I could picture all the possibilities for the future. I have already made a list of things I am planning to get, such as nail polishes, acrylic and gel nail sets, color brushes, color and products.

I have been trying to find beauty events or expos in this area that I could attend. There was one on New York this past weekend, but I am trying to find one in the Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads area, but it is nearly impossible :(  I did find out that there is a Bridal Expo this coming weekend at the Convention Center, so I might head out that way to see how it is, what new beauty products are out and Hairstyles that are new.

Here is some cool hairstyles I found while searching Hair Shows:

Fantasy Hair

This one is my Favorite!!!!! So unique!

I would love to be a platform artist at a show like this!

Where would you like to work if you had any choice in the world?

Do what you love and the money will follow.