Nicki Minaj Style Alert

I love this haircut. Graduated cut in the back, and long in the front.
 Since Nicki Minaj went mainstream, I have always liked her music and her style, its something different, out of the ordinary. Like Lady Gaga, and Katie Perry and other artists, she is not afraid of color and style, no matter how crazy it may seem.

she can pull off any look...I love the hair color

After I went to the concert last week, and saw her perform, I became more interested in her style.

Cassie ( with the haircut I am getting), Nikki Minaj and Amber Rose
 I mentioned in one of my blogs about the bright colored boots that she was wearing along with her backup dancers. Doc Martins have been around for years, but it is a style that comes and goes. I did a lil research and found some really cool, bright and colorful boots.

I like these with the guitars on the back

special addition Hello Kitty Doc Martins

these are the cheapest I found at a website in Korea
Here is the link for above

I plan on ordering a pair soon, I am thinking about getting the hot pink ones and the black ones, so I can wear the black ones at school.

Thats my style alert for today! Thanks for stopping by!

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