My next DIY Project

As I was surfing youtube videos, which is what I like to do on my sundays, I came across this video on youtube:

And it inspired me to want to create my own vanity desk.  I did research online and a good vanity could be anywhere from $200 to $1000 depending on how luxurious you would want it to be.  And I dont know about you, but I do not have that type of dough right now. It would be nice to have my own room for just makeup and beauty supplies, and even my art supplies. I came across another youtube video, that features vanity furniture from IKEA

That video is a lil long, but if you love makeup, you will love this video.

So, to get back to my point, these videos inspired me for my next project.  From my world market haul video, I picked up a very nice white desk, which I love!!! I use it for everything! Applying makeup, painting, doing homework, drawing and just geekin out.  I want to make it more like a vanity with the lights and everything...especially since I am obssessed with good lighting....and with a blue room, its a lil hard sometimes.   All I really need is some lights and a mirror...since I already have the desk:

Here is a light strip on ebay that I found:

ebay listing for light above
There are 8 lights (sold separately) The price is at $4.99 with only $9 shipping. This listing doesnt last long, but there are hundreds of lights to choose from.

I plan on getting 3 of them: One for above a mirror, and two for the sides, enough to give me enough light!

I want to get a framed mirror from Garden Ridge in Chesapeake sometime within the next month or two. I also want to get a pink hair stylist chair to really set off the mood of my makeup "studio". Here is a cool one I found:

You can find this and other salon chair furniture at: This link

 So, when I get everything, I will update you along with a video as well. Just wanted to share this with you and maybe you will get inspired too!

Do what you love and the money will follow!