Yesterday was prolly the most frustrating day while being at school.  We all have one of those days, and I guess it was my turn to have it. It just seemed like we were all running around doing twenty things at once. Saturdays are known to be really busy at our school, and I can usually handle it, but it just seemed very unorganized, and I am one that likes to write everything down in my planner. Geek status! I was so happy when the day was over. I just needed to vent out. So, now I am done!

Arabella posing in her fav hat (which is my fav hat too!)

I got to spend some mommy- daughter time with Arabella last night, we watched Toy Story 3. It was so cute! I love the Toy Story movies. I got to sleep in this morning, but running around yesterday, I somehow pulled a muscle in my neck and shoulder and I can only move in certain directions...which makes sleeping really difficult.

I woke up and checked my purchase from EBAY on that cosmetic case, and I got a message from the buyer that the item was out of stock and they refunded my money. :( so, I guess I am on the hunt for another cute makeup case. :( Maybe my mom will find one in Korea and ship it to me. LOL.

well, That is enough for now, sorry I am such a downer in this post......it will get better! and I will be back to my cheery self!!!!

Do what you love and the money will follow.