Cosmetic Case

For weeks, I have been searching for a cosmetic makeup case, looking for the right one that fits "me", for my personality. Of course, I like to think bigger and go for the biggest and best case I can get such as:

But considering I dont have all my makeup and supplies yet to put in here, I would be kinda wasting space and money for now. So, I have to remind myself to start out small and build up from there. This is my ultimate goal once I am finished with Cosmetology school and I become a free lance stylist.

I was thinking about going more vintage and retro with the old hat box train cases, here is a few of my favs from ebay:

I found many more that I loved, but these were just a few. I have to keep in mind I only have some makeup, not a complete set, so its okay that I get something small and within my budget. I was going to get this one:

zebra print case

This one was only $30 with $6 shipping, not bad at all, but I went cheaper and got this:

This one is so cute and tiny, but big enough to hold the lil cosmetics I have. The link is above the picture, the seller has plenty of them. I think Its the perfect size for what I have, and its a silver aluminium case, which matches my paul micthell case, and it is black inside and there is even lil stars in the details of the outside, which was a sign for me to get it because I am obsessed with stars. Even my husband said to bid on it because it just fits me. Oh and the best part I love about this, besides fast shipping ( which will be in a few days) is that these come with a lock/key! So, I can protect my goodies inside!

Once I get it, I will post a video and do a review on it!!! Thanks for reading and stopping by! Goodnight!

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