New Week

Video coming soon on this "True Blue" Look!

It is a beautiful week so far.  My weekend was awesome, I got some shopping done and have started tanning (just to get a lil summer glow) and did a few videos as well. (coming soon below:)

  •  True Blue Makeup
  • Nautical/Patriotic
  • Curling hair using a Marcel Iron
  • Thrift store Haul
  • Braiding techniques
  • CHI/Manic Panic Hair color review
So this is what is coming within the next few weeks. I will try to get these out every other couple of days!

I actually took myself jogging this evening, which is something I have been wanting to do for a few months now. I am really out of shape! These are the times that I miss being in the army... when I was in shape and had to run everyday...and my body was killer! Funny how time flies.....and age creeps up on you and the weight!

I only ran about half an hour just to warm up and get used to it.  I really dont like running...I love the elliptical....I think I may have to start going to the rec or a gym.   I have also started to tan, which I like to do, I know the dangers in it, I am using good lotion and eye protection...I am only tanning for a month just to get a base tan, then I will go to the beach!   Jermie was so adorable, he actually went tanning too! He just wanted to see what the hype He is so cute. I am so lucky to have found him :) (enter cheesy moment!)

I just got done doing a marble effect on my nails.....which, might I extremely messy!!!

Here is my attempt to do a marble technique.....If anyone is interested in a video of this, please let me know by leaving a comment!  Well, not the best, but not bad for my first time!

I hope yall have a great week!  Thanks for stopping by!

Do what you love and the money will follow.  XOXOXOX Ce Cilia