Tornado Warning!

Right now, our area has a tornado warning in effect. My husband and I are laying in bed and watching Harry Potter Seven part 1 that the kids wanted to watch, but of course have wandered across the hall to my cousins room and has now started another movie. LOL. Kids are funny like that.

Today wasnt too bad, I didnt want to wake up this morning after resuming my sleep medication because I cant seem to shut my brain off and get to sleep at a decent hour, as I rushed to get to school, I actually had time to grab breakfast at Mickey D's which I havent done in a long while. And as I waited for my order (2 hashbrowns, a sausage biscuit and orange juice), one of the old timers that prolly goes there every morning greeted me and said " you look sharp, gal", and that compliment started my morning off nice, because I have to admit, I was feelin pretty grumpy.  I left Mcdonalds and got to school telling myself "It will be a good day".

When I got to school, I was surprised to find that a girl from my english class whom I gave my business card to, booked an appointment with me for a haircut and a color service! That boosted my morning even more, even though it was still cloudy all day!

I wish I had my camera (again my memory card was in the computer)...I wanted to take a before and after picture! Maybe I can get her to email me one.  We had fun though, I had an assistant ( or protege student as we call them at school) and I colored her hair a pretty reddish dark mohangany brown, with peek-a-boo highlights and trimmed her up with face framing layers!  It was so much fun and nice to share an experience like that with someone, because its not just doing someones hair, I made her smile, and she was so excited, I made her day. I like that feeling. She left and she tipped me my BIGGEST TIP so far: $25! Wow!

After that, I got the kids and we headed to a friends birthday party, whose son turned One! There was a lot of kids there, but my kids had fun running around and grubbin up the food which was yummy!  I am glad I got to see some of my friends I havent seen in a while, and I even chatted up a girl who was interested in me doing her hair, so I passed out my business card to her! I love it! I even got a couple of compliments on my hair! Someone called it "Fierce" lol.

Well, Thats about it for my day, now I can relax, finish watching HP7 and squeeze in my homework.

Thanks for stopping by!

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