Slumber Party!

me and my friend Kate in our pjs!

Last friday at RKA (Rudy & Kelly Academy) in an effort to help raise more money for our FUNraising campaign, held a pajama party during school hours.  Each student pays $20 to lounge all day and watch movies and stuff our faces and still get our credit hours for it.  I participated in one a few months ago, and won a few gifts, so I was hoping to win more this time. They raffled off clippers and a blow dryer.

We raised over $1200 from tickets and raffles. We all brought our pillows and blankets (and I edited some videos) and watched movies. We watched "Sleepy Hollow", "Crybaby", and "Moulin Rouge". 

We all had so much fun! Fun raising is almost over....I am gonna miss these pj Parties!
Do what you love and the money will follow.