Workin at the carwash yea...

Saturday, I helped participate in a carwash, again to help raise money for charity....This is the last week for funraising...(thankfully, and I feel that way only because I am exhausted from all the events!)  We had a TOPLESS carwash!

And it is not what you think of being "topless", (you perverts!)  we only wash the bottom of your car for a donation, and if you want the top of your car washed, then you pay $5..hahahaha...get it? topless????

One lady who drove by, saw the sign, pulled over and gave us $10 for the sign that said "topless" and she ripped it up..and drove off! She didnt even give us a chance to explain what it meant. Crazy lady!
My friends Taylor and I

A group of boys drove by and threw a pancake too..or tried to throw a pancake at one of the girls while the guy in the front was video taping it. (i am gonna look for it on you tube lol) needless to say our day was entertaining.  We raised $500! so not bad, huh?

we even got to wash a bike!

we had fun, I got a lil sunburnt (which is now faded into a nice tan) and even plotted a water will be up soon on it! so keep a look out! friend, Winter kept "accidentally" wetting us all with the water hose and we all kept tellin her that she will get hers lol so we got her. She was a good sport! and we all hugged her.

Hope you enjoyed reading and thanks for stoppin by!

Do what you love and the money will follow.