The Greatest Show on Earth!

The circus came to town and me, the hubby and the kiddos made our way to see "The Greatest Show on Earth" on saturday night! We were all pretty excited to go, since I havent been since Arabella was born in 2004 and Jermie hasnt gone since he was a kid and the kids have never been! So, we wanted to start the family tradition of going to the circus!

Our seats were not that bad, I do not want to complain since we got the tickets at a good price: Kids were only $10 each and adult tickets were only $12 each.

They loved it! Arabella mainly wanted to see the Tigers ..which her and I share a love for White Tigers! And Matthias was more interested in the motorcycle toy we bought him during Intermission and eating food! He is such a boy!

On the tight rope...watching this made me so nervous
We all loved it and had a great time!  Me and Matthias got snow cones in cute circus cups.....I got a white tiger cup and he got a circus cup that lights up on the bottom! Then of course, they got toys..because whats the circus without buying toys....(geez) Matti got a motorcycle, Bella got A baby white tiger that came in a purse, and Jermie got a necklace that lights up!

I think the circus comes once or twice a year, but next time, take your family and kids out for a good old fashioned fun time!

Do what you love and the money will follow.