Beach Movie Bistro

While looking up the showtimes for the New Pirates of the Carribean Stranger Tides, I came across a new theater: The Beach Movie Bistro! Off of laskin rd in Virginia Beach! This theater was once used years ago, but became ran down and abandoned until now!  They just opened their doors on Friday Night! And as a special for their opening weekend, they sold drinks and popcorn for $1.

I was so excited to go and was jumping around like a lil kid(that even Jermie kept calling me a nerd) hahaha  We got there and I gotta say, I was really feeling the atmosphere and ambiance of the place! There is a bar when you walk in to the left that serves beer, wine and other special drinks for those who want to indulge in the spirits. The prices we decent, we paid $15 for both of us to watch the movies. We  got there 10 minutes prior to the showing, so we missed final call to order inside the theater, so we had to order at the bar, I ordered the chicken tender platter.....which is OMG soooooo good! Jermie had the cheeseburger sliders!

Here is the menu!

The seating is nice, the seats are super comfy! New seats! and in between two seats there are small tables for placing your food onto. There is also stadium seating (with tables) and plenty of leg room! The surround systems are brand new too and the sound was amazing! Restrooms were great too!

Overall, we had a great experience, and I just wanted to be a GEEK and review it, and just to tell yall,, go check it out, its perfect for a date or for the family to all go out and the best part is they show new movies and its decent prices!

Hope you enjoyed my sweets! Have a beautiful evening!

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