Memorial Day!

Man, oh man, oh man.

The month of May is already almost over! The past week has been busy and went by with a blink of an eye! First off, Happy Memorial Day to everyone! This is a time to celebrate our military for their sacrifice and hard work. I come from a military family and have served in the US Army and I have a huge amount of PRIDE from serving and being an American! I went into the army at 17 years old in 2001. Here are some pics I found from basic training. I tried to find some pics of when I was in Iraq in 2005, but I cannot find them :(

thats me on the far right! I was only 18!

Sometimes I miss the army, but at other times I do not. I wouldnt be able to be with my family as much and I wouldnt be able to pursue what I love: fashion, art and beauty! Today has been a stay at home day, I finished cleaning my front living room, which I am using as a lil "studio" since my husband took over the bedroom to play Black Ops all the time! lol

This is Bella, in the back yard on this beautiful day!

and Matti watering the flowers!

I have a few new jobs, along with some side jobs I need to do on the way, such as designing a tatoo for a few friends, painting some new artwork for a Hookah Bar, and coming up with an airbrush design for a motorcycle! Not to mention, I need to get some cards made and get my kids some summer clothes!

Whew, I almost feel like kandee johnson but with only 2 kids! lol I dont know how she does it!

American flags and backyard barb-b-ques,

Do what you love and the money will follow.