Jungle Fever

Last night, we all went down to the beach for some good ol' fashioned miniature golf fun! Its been a while since any of us have gone and its the first time all of us have gone together! Before heading out to play, we grabbed dinner at None other than "Five Guys and Fries" (which I talk about alot). A new location has just been opened a week ago in the Hilltop area (if youre familiar with Virginia Beach Area)
And they are about to open one not too far away from where I live (in walking distance)

Then after downing delish burgers and fries, went to Jungle Golf where we all channeled our inner pro golfer for Hole in Ones...Matti got two hole in ones back to back!!!!! I was so happy for him and he was proud of himself too! I didnt do too bad withtwo hole in ones myself and Jermie got one. We even had time to play some videos games in the arcade. Matti wanted to do racing cars and motorcycle games so me and him got to ride off together on some fast courses....lol

Now, off to write another blog of what we did today!

Burgers and golf balls, Sweet Surrender

Do what you love and the money will follow.