It would be an Honor

Good evening my sweets! I hope everyones day has been good! As for me, today has been really productive, I had alot of energy and I hit the ground running this morning, getting 11 boxes signed off on my worksheet for Rudy & Kelly Paul Mitchell.

I have been really motivated also to try my best to complete the Honors Graduate Packet.  It has a few different categories such as cutting, texture, color and makeup. Each section has a list of things you must complete and you take alot of pictures of "before"  and "after", but I want to graduate from this school with more to show than a certificate. I want Honor's!

In make up class, we learned different eyeliner techniques (which I am thinking about posting a video or blog on) and also how to apply false eyelashes! Here is a picture of some cool things you can do with lashes:
I am so excited to practice putting on lashes on myself and on my guests! well, I have a ton of research to do for this photo shoot I am planning along with more videos. I hope all yall have a great night!

Do what you love and the money will follow.