Lazy Sunday

So, I am rackin my brain on what to blog about today. I have so many ideas but I want to just take this sunday to relax. The family went to a bbq to celebrate my cousins First Communion and that was nice to relax by the pool (although it was too chilly for me to swim in) and hang with my cousins and aunts. It was a muggy day today so I hung indoors mainly. :)

Jermie and I played ping pong and airhockey in the playroom....I suck at ping pong, but master of airhockey!!! (or at least I like to say so....) Is airhockey a sport??? I would be champion!

They caught some crabs from the crabtraps on the pier....and jermie kept tormenting one of them...but later became his dinner....

This was the first time that Jermie actually ate FRESH CRAB. lol! He enjoyed smashing them open.

So, that was my sunday..lounging around, catching up my blogs, youtube and whatever

Thanks for stopping by sweets..I promise my next post will be more interesting

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