I am officially a GLEEK

Good evening my sweets! I feel so energetic, I dont know if its because I slept in, or just had a yummy chicken salad with white rice ( finally starting to eat healthier!) but I feel awesome. I think I work better in the evenings and nights...whats that called?  I think I am nocturnal. lol

I have been cleaning up, doing laundry and just started watching GLEE. I actually really like it. I found it on Netflix..and I am HOOKED.

It is hilarious.....especially this part in one of the episodes: Football team doing choreo to Beyonce's "Single Ladies"

I could not stop myself from laughing. Besides watching this, I updated my new CHICTOPIA blog, a website I found that men and women can post their outfits and you can go on there and comment, get ideas on clothing or advice. You can earn Chic points and shop on the website. I like it and there are so many people who blog on it. So if youre obsessed with fashion like me, check it out: CHICTOPIA

Here is an outfit I posted :

So, now off to finish my Mothers Day art video and get ready for bed.

Goodnight my sweets!

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