Played Hooky

I didnt go to school today, and I dont know if I was tired, or lazy or just wanted a "me" day but I played hooky or is it hookie? I dont know. But even though I was at home, watching more Glee, I did manage to finish laundry and finish my smartnotes for school and diagram some haircuts. I even updated  my LOOK BOOK with new photos of work I have done on my mannequin head and some make up as well, here's a sneak peek of what I put into it:

I also managed to get my brother off his butt and get some things done too!!! I had him take my photo for my chictopia blog. Today was rainy and I got a chance to wear my galoshes..that my husband thinks are crazy, lol but oh well.

Yesterday I did another marble design on my nails.check it out, I am getting better!!!

and while I finished up doing the lil things around the house and helped make dinner, I enjoyed drinking Cream Soda (my #2 fav soda, DR Pepper being my 1st of course in my "Imagine" cup

well, back to trying to finish a video to post. Goodnight my sweets!

Do what you love and the money will follow.