Do you Hookah?

Last week, I was invited out to a hookah bar (which in case you dont know what that is, it is a place to chill, relax and smoke flavored tobacco) where they had an acoustic set for people to play. My brother played and Jermie and I hung out. I met the owner and chit chatted about the atmosphere of the place and I am going to be painting some pieces to be hung on the walls. I am sooooo excited!

This place just opened up a few months ago and although there are no photos except for their hookahs, I can say it is a relaxing atmosphere for a variety of crowds. There are black leather couches and low coffee tables, low lights with a red tint, two flat screen tvs which they tune into the UFC fights. They just added a pool table too! There is no alcohol yet, they are working on getting their beer and wine license in case anyone who drinks and you can be 18 to get in! So for all those who cant go to the clubs, this is a nice alternative.

Every other friday night, a belly dancer dances! And she has some moves! I am literally typing this blog while she is dancing! I love it! Oh and did I mention, they have FREE WI-FI!

Oh, and she just made me try and dance with her! I can dance, but I cant dance like that! It is a really fun environment!

Here is their website:

I will be coming up here either on friday or saturday nights if anyone wants to come chill with me or hang out who is in the Virginia Beach Area (for my locals)

I hope you have a wonderful night, and if you are not in the 757 area, look up a hookah bar near you and go out, do something different! Explore the city you live in and have fun with other cultures!

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