Crazy Lady with a shaved head!

Arent these Lilies so beautiful??? I am in love with color this summer and for some reason, I have switched from blue to I am letting the blue fade out of my hair and gonna be changing my hair yet again. lol Here is what I practiced on my babydoll and I am gonna do this next:

so many different colors: Red Inkworks, Yellow Inkworks, Golden Brown and Violet red!

Here is the other side!
My cousin bartends at a mexican restaurant nearby and the staff told her that her family came to visit, and they told her "the crazy lady with the shaved head" came by! lol That is so funny! But I dont care, I love being remembered for fashion and hair!

I am inspired by these lilies! I will have to make another lily paining soon  but after I get some more paint!

I hope you are inspired by the nature around you! Have a wonderful day!

Sweet Surrender

Do what you love and the money will follow.