First Pedicure

Yesterday, at school, I got my first guest pedicure. Some people freak at the thought of FEET, I dont really care personally, but I dont know if my brain just stopped working or if I was nervous of messing up, but I was just all over the place with my pedicure....

When I first learned the process of the steps to a pedicure, it was with my classmates back in february and we had our worksheets..see below

my blue toes....back when I had a "blue" obssession!
I hate these toe thingies, I know they help separate your toesies when youre painting color but they are just really uncomfortable, I always feel like when I put them on other people like I am inflicting serious pain! LOL

As for my guest yesterday,  I did an okay job, filing the nails, removing and trimming the cuticles and massaging the feet, but I TOTALLY forgot to even scrub her foot with the foot file.....I didnt realize it until I was already painting her about being slow! I got caught up in conversation with her about her and her family going on vacation to the Outer Banks. I had fun with her and she seemed to have fun with me. Hopefully she will come back and I can do some color service..which I am better at than pedicures! Hahahaha

That was my adventure yesterday! Blue toes and Pedicures, xoxoxox Sweet Surrender

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