Black and Red!

Hello my Surrendered artists,  I am Done with my Blue phase! I am not by any means done being creative when it comes to color. I have decided though, that I wanted to go back to a darker color, not completely black but a really dark brown, with a splash of Red Inkworks!

This is what I had before my crazy blue/blonde fiasco:

Nothing too major here, just some peek-a-boos....and this was before I shaved my head! or at least half of it! I literally just got out of the shower because I had to wash it all out I was processing for an hour...because I started blogging! lol So, my hair is dripping wet and I am gonna go ahead and blow dry and straighten and I will take a picture and post!

Ok, here it is: (dont mind the no makeup and I have big circles under my eyes..because I am tired, but just cant go to bed!) hahaha

I love it! I have never had this Bright of a red before! In a few months, maybe I will go all red....we will see. Until then,

With red inkworks dripping wet hair.......

Sweet Surrender
Art. Beauty. Fashion.