Glamzy Pro App

Attention Surrendered Artists! Makeup artists, infact! Did you know that there is an app you can download for your droid, ipad or iphone and you can create face charts and designs using M.A.C. Makeup?!?!

A friend of mine, Taylor showed me her app on her phone, called Glamzy Pro.  The regular Glamzy is free to download if you have the right electronics, but the Glamzy Pro (the more upgraded version is $2.99 to download for more options than the reg glamzy). 

Here are the comparisons to the two different types of Glamzy apps:

AndroidAndroidiPhone, iPod touchiPhone, iPod touch
Glamzy or Glamzy Pro Glamzy Glamzy Pro Glamzy Glamzy Pro
Email & submit canvasYesYesYesYes
Complete canvas styleNoYesNoYes
Copy left to right & right to leftNoYesNoYes
Ad supportedYesNoNoNo
Save & open canvasYesYesNoYes

I do not have a droid, or ipad (yet lol) but for those who are technologically ahead of me might wanna look this app up and try it out.  Its great for those makeup artists and stylists who may not have the time or have their makeup to do a face sheet or chart and can whip out their phone or ipad and get creative with this awesome app!

Hope you try it out and have fun with it!

Surrender to your inner artist!
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