Finding the right business card

Hi again my Sweets! Last week, I ordered some business cards finally. At first I was going to go through somebody ( a friend of a friend, you know that type of thing) but I wanted to just get them ordered and didnt feel like going through someone. So, I went onto VISTAPRINT and checked out what they had as far as business cards were concerned.

When I went on there, I searched for "beauty" related images for cards. Right now, the cards I am using are from Rudy & Kelly school, but since I am also an artist and do other things besides going to beauty school, I wanted some cards of my own, so I picked a basic design and went from there. There were so many to choose from! I chose an abstract design:

I left out my personal info (for security reasons) but for those who are looking to get cards made, you will want to include your business name (if applicable), your name of course, and contact info. On mine, I included a lil saying to add a personal touch.

If you are not fond of the design choices they have on Vista Print, (and this can go for any place online or in a store) there is an option to upload your own template or image! I plan on doing this after I complete my photo shoot in a couple weeks.

Vista Print also has options to create a business website for you, an email, and even an 800 number (at a cost). You can have customized everything (or close to it at least) from pens, letterheads, mugs, bags....etc. They got it all.

I wanted to let yall know about the business cards and where I got mine from. I got about 250 for I think $30 (includes graphics and color and back design). I should be getting them in the next week or two. Just thought I would share! I hope you find cards that fit you and the design youre looking for and your inpired to take that step closer to living your dreams!b

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