Halfway There

To complete my cosmetology training at Paul Mitchell, we all need 1500 hours of schooling, then pass the state board. I can happily announce that I am a little over halfway there! I am around 800 hours as of now and passing into the next phase of our school from the Adaptive phase into the creative phase! I am hoping to graduate sometime in December.

February 2011
Time has flown by since I started in January, here I am above showing my curls off. hahaha

Soon, I need to start thinking what I am gonna do when I graduate. I am gonna start looking for an apprentice around October in a salon as a stylist, and then possibly doing a tattoo apprenticeship once I am fulltime in a salon.

I feel like I chave changed my hair a kajillon times......lol but I love it! I love that it is red!

a view from below, not too flattering..but I love the way it looks.

My son said that I must drink alot of blood since my hair turned red. So I told him I was half vampire and he said "I am too mommy!" then I said "I think Bella is a werewolf" and so then she growled!!! She said she was TEAM Jacob.......and me and Matti are TEAM Edward. lol kids are too funny

What Team are you on?
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