Wax On Wax Off

One of my Aunt's gave me this wax kit that she is no longer using since I am now training to be a cosmetologist. I have had it for over 6 months, and has been in a box for a while, so I finally busted this baby out.  Here is a picture I found online of the exact same product as I have:

The kit she gave me included this wax, (which you place inside the warmer), wooden sticks (used to apply the wax to area to be waxed) and then of course waxing strips.

I wanted to test it out for myself before I go and try to wax someone else. I tested my arm first, a small patch over my star tattoo, and then I moved onto my eyebrows. I wish I couldve taken a before and after picture, but my camera was charging and I just wanted to get it done! :)

I had the wax on a medium temp and it took about 15-20 minutes for the wax to warm up, there wasnt really a smell and it went on good for my eyebrows. I cut the strips into reasonable sizes for my eyebrows and it got alot of the big hairs and the lil baby hairs!

I had Success in Waxing! yay! so, if anyone wants their face done, you know where to go! hahahaha
warm, gooey waxy wishes, xoxoxoxox

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