Practice Run Through

I met up with one of my models for my photo shoot contest this afternoon to practice the look for one of my themes, which the first one is a galactic/star theme. I am going for Avant Grade look, totally out the box.  I grabbed some pizza and Dr Pepper (Nectar of life is what my friend calls it! hahahaha) and met with her and we got right down to business. Here is some of my makeup spread out:

it looks messy but I know exactly where everything is lol
I want to do airbrush makeup for this look, but in the rules for this photo contest, you cannot use actual face paint, so I ordered airbrush makeup in a starter kit that comes with I believe 5 different colors, the 3 primaries(red, blue and yellow) and then black and white and from those you can make any color! I ordered that a few nights ago so I should be getting that soon! yay!

Here is a few pictures as a glimpse of what is to come. My model, Shiloh is so sweet and she has amazing eyes and is so fun to talk to. I played some music and we had fun just talking and at some point we couldnt stop laughing.

The colors are pretty but I think once I use the airbrush as a base, the colors will be more vibrant.
And speaking of Vibrant, now that I woke up this morning, I realized how RED my hair really is lol
I dont know why I look so serious. lol
In case you were wondering, I didnt color my eyebrows, I just used red eyeshadow to accent my eyebrows, which has been something I have been really diggin lately.

That was my day today, so now off to do some sketching for the next makeup look, which is peacocks! Until next time, stay sweet!p

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