Let me see your Peacock!

Sorry everyone for not posting as much as I usually do, but if you read my other blog, I posted that I had a horrible summer cold. Today is the first day I feel more like myself! This week was long, and the only thing interesting really was my second photoshoot for the stylist contest.

The theme for this photoshoot was "Peacocks". My model, Chloe has alot of hair! I did a simple french twist with a chignon on top, then later towards the end of the shoot, we took out all the bobby pins and let her hair go WILD.

Here are a few photos that I have, I still have to get the cd from Charisse.

Peacock Inspired Make Up by: Ce Cilia Marie (me!)

Here are a few behind the scene shots

Chloe and I on site at the photographers!

My camera didnt open all the way, but I like the way this shot came out

Charisse and her "gun" LOL
We had so much fun and got alot of great shots! I cant wait to see how they turned out!

My next photoshoot is tomorrow night, which is my mermaid theme. It is the final shoot for the contest and then I am getting everything ready to turn in! I am so glad things are coming together!

Thanks for stopping by my lovely readers!

Quote of the day:

The feeling and notion that some put their faith in, that tomorrow will be the day that they choose to do the things that they know they need to do today in their hearts, is a feeling that will eventually leave them very regretful. Why wait on tomorrow? Everything that you can attempt tomorrow is usually something that you can attempt today. Waiting on tomorrow is like playing with fire.

The first time, and maybe even the second time you play with fire, nothing may happen, no one may be injured, or nothing may have unexpectedly burned down. After a few times though, something will happen, you will eventually be burned, or someone will be effected by your rash decision to play with fire. Never wait for tomorrow for it is and never has been guaranteed, never wait for tomorrow, because tomorrow is not promised to any man, woman, or child.

Sweet Surrender Art. Beauty. Fashion.