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Magazines, Meetings and Shoots

When I first woke up this morning, I thought I would have the day to get caught up on some drawings and work on a few projects, and although I did get some things done, the afternoon and evening took a turn into a different direction. Don’t worry, it’s not a bad turn, but actually a very good one. I always believe that if you put positive energy out into the universe, that you get it back in one way or another. Also, that if you surround yourself with people who are liked minded, things just happen. Energy bounces off one another and you start getting these ideas that turn into something that could be a stepping stone for something bigger.


I got a lot done, I edited the Kreative Thinking Auditions video so the whole team can see what models we have for the fashion show coming up in June. Then, my friend, Jinaki (fellow hairstylist and Makeup Artist) came over and I helped her to design her business cards while we chatted about future business plans.


I had some phone call meetings with a videographer that is helping KT in a promotional video and also a producer to go over details for a photoshoot were doing tomorrow. The best thing I love about being a freelance artist is that I get the pleasure of meeting so many people in diverse fields. I mean, it’s an awesome feeling.

After our meeting, we did some storyboarding, which is almost like collaging, but more organized and tells a story or a theme. Story Boards you see everywhere from advertising, modeling, photography, magazines and fashion shows. It helps to have a visual aid to assist in making the mood set for the shoot or project. I mean, who doesn’t love a visual?

There were a few things that I couldn’t find in a magazine, so in those cases, I always turn to POLYVORE! Its like an online storyboard generator! Here is one I came up with for tomorrow


I am so excited for tomorrow, so I should take my butt to bed as it is turning 130am and I am the only one up in the house and I have a long, but fun day planned for tomorrow. So, off I go!

XOXOXOX, Cecilia

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Part of the Team

Earlier this week, I mentioned having a few meetings set up. But before I get to that, I have to get this off my chest. Remember that job I told you about that I got? Well, I must confess, I didn’t take the job. After thinking about it and seeing how my first training day is on the calls/sales floor, I knew right away that I wouldn’t be happy. I know that I need to think about the kids, but if I’m not happy at least a smidgeon, then I am gonna hate it. That is my confession. Do you forgive me? I hope so. Hubby did. haha But I am still looking for employment. Anyways, moving on!
I had a meeting with Roger Mitchell's Motiontography, well one of the photographers, Lance to go over a few things about working with them doing makeup and hair styling, or whatever the many things I do in the art world that they may need. I Love their work! Here are a few of their latest photos.
To see their facebook page, you can click on any of their images and it should open up a new page for you! Or you can visit their website at
I’m looking forward to some fun shoots in the future. The best part also is that their studio is not too far away from where we live and that makes it easier since gas costs so much these days! It will be real nice when our light rail system will be put into action!
I have more exciting news for you tomorrow, so make sure to tune back in! (Subscribe! Its easier! See the side link to “followers” or “subscribe!)
As always, thank you for stopping by! I appreciate each and every one of you who have been with me for a while or if your new to my site! See you soon in the next post! xoxox Cecilia

So many shoots so little time

I knew that when I was in Beauty school, I didnt want to go work in a salon. Its just not for me. Dont get me wrong, I love doing hair and makeup, but I love doing hair and makeup for photoshoots. Something about capturing a look, an emotion, a feeling, it truly is a pice of art to me. Capturing that moment in time, immortalizing it and then sharing it for the world to see.

quick shot at a photoshoot-taking advantage of the awesome lighting. :)
I always knew that I wanted to work on photoshoots. What I didnt know is that my wishes would be granted. I started work almost immediatly after graduating from Paul Mitchell, and I have been doing photoshoots almost everyday at work and outside of work.

Aaron Nijai and Model wearing dress I made! Sorry for quality- I took this with my phone.

This didnt just happen, being able to work on photoshoots wasnt just handed to me. I really had to put myself out there. I was nervous about that for the longest time, scared that my work wasnt good enough for that. It wasnt until I started doign fashion shows at school and just experimenting on makeup on myself and others did I finally grow the confidence to take that step outside my comfort zone.

Myself with fellow Makeup Artist/Hairstylist Jinaki Love
I had to network and go out and meet others that are trying to do the same thing. You connect with photographers, models, designers, stylists and makeup artist. Everyone has their own style and everyone works a different way. You have to bring something new and fresh to the table.

These photos above are from tonight. The Nijai Photography Team that I am a part of did a special today for models seeking headshots. The special is you get hair, makeup and headshots for $40 to help towards adding them to a portfolio. It was our first one as a group and I think it was pretty successful. We will be scheduling another one soon and will eventually be doing themed photoshoots. I am really excited about it.

Here are a few other shots from this past week of some of the shoots from work. Enjoy!

Ice Princess: New from Xotic Eyes for Childrens Line

Kitty Design, New from Xotic Eyes for Childrens line.

12 hour Photo Shoot Day!

Artists: SIREN and SOPE

I was invited to go to a photoshoot yesterday with a local body painter/graffiti artist named SOPE to assist in painting a few models for ICON Limosines that is doing a Calender Photo Shoot to showcase all their fabulous Limos! (see more at )

Tidewater's Only Pink Hummer Limo
The shoot started out at 8am and finished around 7:45pm, so it was ALL Day! Food and music was provided for a fun atmosphere in the graffiti filled workspace of the INKY DINX Studio, where the shoot was held.

There is a PARTY BUS too!
 There were about 10 models or more- after a while, I lost count. I was mainly there to do body painting- but I brought all my kits with me- JUST IN CASE- and I am glad that I did. I ended up helping out with hair and makeup- a TRIPLE THREAT! hahaha

There was alot of body painting with topless models for each month- I wont show too many pictures, but I did manage to take a few while working- I really didnt have time.

Thats all I will show for a sneak peek- will have to wait for a calender to see the rest!

This coming weekend, I will be doing body painting for the Lawrence Brothers Hairshow for an amazing stylist! More on that to come next week!

Thanks for stopping by as always!

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Day of the Dead

Yesterday, we did something special during class that we normally dont get to do as much and we got a chance to have a photoshoot at school. We partnered up, had to make story boards and then complete the look.

It took me forever to think of a good theme to do that wasnt too crazy or weird. Lately I have been planning what Halloween looks I want to do you some upcoming tutorials, but after walking around Micheals Craft store forever, I finally decided to do Dia De Los Muertos AKA Day of the Dead.

Take a look!

My story board for this look! and part of my set up

My model: T'Tielle Before

Her and I after :)

It was so much fun doing this. I have been wanting to recreate this type of look for a while now, and so I couldnt make an excuse not to do it when we had to do this photoshoot.

For anyone interested in how I did this or what products I used, I am going to make a tutorial on it, hopefully I can get it done this weekend in time for anyone wanting to do this.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a fantabulous day!

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Final Looks Photos

The deadline has been approaching this month for the Top Photo Stylist Contest with Paul Mitchell. If you have been with me the past few months, you have seen some photo's from the photo shoots with my models and silly me, I havent even showed you which 3 final photo's I have chosen. I may have posted them or not, I cant remember, but out of like 200 pictures, I chose these 3 to be my entries!








I am getting everything finished with paperwork, product info sheets and all the little details and sending it in. I am so glad that I did this contest because doing this was a turning point for me in terms of what direction I want to go into. I realized how much fun I have while doing makeup and styling hair. It feels good to help bring out a person's natural beauty.

I feel like this is just one step closer to my dreams, and it has me brainstorming where I want to go and take my career and thinking about opening my own styling/makeup salon where not only do I do hair, but I can also do makeup and have photoshoots.

off to finish organizing then off to bed, sweet dreams from Sweet Surrender!

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  - Eleanor Roosevelt

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PhotoShoot Complete

The last week of July was intense for me, mainly because I was trying to shake a cold like a hobo trying to ask for change in Denver (lol which I have had happen before! lol) and I was working on getting back into drawing AND finishing up my photo shoots for this style contest.

Last thursday, Chloe and I had our Peacock theme shoot and this past sunday, I had my Mermaid theme with Michelle. This was all such a fun experience and I am proud that I actually did it. It may not be perfect and I may not even win, but I got the experience of it and learned alot about what works and what doesnt.  For my first real time doing a makeup photoshoot, I can honestly say that its not bad.

Here are a few pics of me and my models and the photographer, Charisse goofin around after the shoot.

Chloe and I....and I never realized how "freckly" I look until now. Weird

Chloe and Charisse rockin it out

Shiloh and I after our Galaxy shoot

Touchin up her makeup while getting some test shots

Michelle and I posin for the camera
I completed my face sheets earlier tonight so I can send them in. I still have a few more things to list out, such as all the products I used for makeup and hair, and I need to edit the photos I have chosen to send. I will post the photos and the facesheets when I get it done! I just wanted to share this with you.

Today, my school got the results of a Paul Mitchell Contest that the school held a few months ago. The contest was to sell certain products and if you sell 3, it gets your name in the drawing, my name along with 4 other girls was randomly chosen from our school, and we found out the results. One of the night students won a smoothing iron with all the signatures of the top stylists of Paul Mitchell. That would have been so amazing to win something like that. I am so happy for the girl who did win, and this was actually the first time our school has won a contest, so that was super cool!

Ok, I am rambling and I need to get to bed. I am sorry I have not posted as much as I usually do. I have my sister visting from Colorado and just been busy with non-art related stuff. But I will be back up and running next week I promise!

Quote of the Day:

Precious memories. Think of a memory as a power, only you can relive the experiences that you have been through, whether to please you aesthetically, to grab wisdom by using your past experiences to help you make new decisions, help interact with other people, or to help with problem solving. We keep memories for a variety of reasons sometimes to hold on to the things we love the things that have made us who we are and who we never want to lose. It is kind of like how Oscar Wilde says "memories are small diaries that we will keep in our heads always."

Not every memory will be pleasant because it is not just good things that make us who we are, we are molded and shaped by the bad things that happen in our lives as well. We must learn to never let memories go, but never let our past determine our future either.

Till next time, surrender to your inner artist!

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Let me see your Peacock!

Sorry everyone for not posting as much as I usually do, but if you read my other blog, I posted that I had a horrible summer cold. Today is the first day I feel more like myself! This week was long, and the only thing interesting really was my second photoshoot for the stylist contest.

The theme for this photoshoot was "Peacocks". My model, Chloe has alot of hair! I did a simple french twist with a chignon on top, then later towards the end of the shoot, we took out all the bobby pins and let her hair go WILD.

Here are a few photos that I have, I still have to get the cd from Charisse.

Peacock Inspired Make Up by: Ce Cilia Marie (me!)

Here are a few behind the scene shots

Chloe and I on site at the photographers!

My camera didnt open all the way, but I like the way this shot came out

Charisse and her "gun" LOL
We had so much fun and got alot of great shots! I cant wait to see how they turned out!

My next photoshoot is tomorrow night, which is my mermaid theme. It is the final shoot for the contest and then I am getting everything ready to turn in! I am so glad things are coming together!

Thanks for stopping by my lovely readers!

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The first time, and maybe even the second time you play with fire, nothing may happen, no one may be injured, or nothing may have unexpectedly burned down. After a few times though, something will happen, you will eventually be burned, or someone will be effected by your rash decision to play with fire. Never wait for tomorrow for it is and never has been guaranteed, never wait for tomorrow, because tomorrow is not promised to any man, woman, or child.

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Just a Peek

I got my copy of the photos taken from the Galaxy Photoshoot with Bella Donna Reese Photography. I have to say I am in love with how they turned out! She took over 50 photos, so now I have to pick JUST ONE to be entered for the contest, so I am going to wait to pick the one until I have all photos from all 3 photo shoots. But here is a sneak peek of two photos that Charisse from Bella Donna Reese Photography edited.

I love how they turned out! I am thinking of doing more photoshoots once this contest is over. It would be so much fun! Tomorrow is my next photoshoot, and I am gonna get all my supplies together so I am not rushing around tomorrow like a chicken with its head cut off!

Quote of the day:

"Your mistakes should be your motivation, not your excuses"
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One photoshoot down

This past thursday, I packed all my kits (makeup, hair, and airbrush kits) and made my way to do my first model's hair and makeup for Photoshoot #1.  We set up at her house in her backyard since the humidity decided to play nice and not be all hot and gross....we had about 2 hours to do both hair and makeup. I started out doing an "invisible" roller set...hehehehe which is just taking the hair and basically putting it into a pincurl and clipping it, spraying with hairspray and letting it set. The first run through, the makeup did not show up at all as vibrant as I had wanted it to:

first run through without airbrush makeup base

with airbrush makeup! Such a difference! The color is more vibrant which is what I was looking for!

applying lip liner to my model
We had so much fun doing this look! The photographer is so amazing! She shoots in her Studio Loft! The atmosphere was great, she had music playing and we were a great team! We have two more shoots to do inthe next two weeks and I am excited. The shots so far turned out amazing!

Here is a video of Charisse ( Belladonna Reese Photography) doing a photoshoot/video for a local company called JSNL. Step Your Game Up!

You can check out her Facebook here  for more of her work and if your in the local 757 area and need an amazing photographer, look her up!

touching up her makeup :)

So, I hope you enjoyed a lil behind the scenes action for the first photoshoot!

I hope it has inspired you today!

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Temptu Makeup

A few weeks ago, I had ordered a mini starter airbrush makeup set from  I ran into a dilemna with my airbrush gear and had to order a new airbrush and a new hose, there were some parts missing and finally after trips to micheals and home depot and the help of my husband, I was able to get what I needed to get the ball rolling.

I ordered this set, just to see how Temptu makeup sprayed on

can be purchased here:
I only tried one color last night, which was the yellow pigment. I sprayed it on my arm and cheek to test how it felt on my skin and I even tested it on my husbands chest and sprayed a fake six-pack lol I was laughing so hard. I wish I couldve gotten a pic of it, ( I am getting really bad at that).

So, here is my review on the Temptu: It does not rub off at all when it is applied to the skin. No sticky residue, it does have a slight odor to it, but nothing youre gonna gag on and wanna visit the toilet to see your lunch again LOL! It does come off easily, I just ran water over it and it was gone! I do not know how well it blends together with other colors, but I will be testing that tomorrow.

Tomorrow evening, I will be on set with a photogrpaher to shoot my galaxy "Runway" theme! I am so excited to finally get this going! I may have an assistant there to help film a before and during shot, or activity so I can "bring" yall with me!

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May you find inspiration in your everyday life!
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