Painting Sea Shells

For school, we had to come up with a 3D color wheel in a creative way. Suggestions were to make cupcakes in different colors, or colored items, one girl even made peanutt butter balls (no clue how those would taste! haha) So, I decided to use a canvas I had sitting around and some seashells and also use my new pallate I got from Jerry's ArtORama. Here is what I came up with:

Sea Shell/ beach inspired Color wheel complete with netting!

breakin in my new pallette. I love the thumb grib! So much easier to paint with easy access to my paint!

The only thing bad about painting is accidentally drinking your dirty paint water and mistaking it for your tea. lol! Luckily I caught myself, but I should start using glass containers so I can actually see what I am holding! lol

dirty paint water......yuck!
Here is my last two candles burning, I need to get more. I cant paint without my candle "ambiance" lol

I love these candle holders, the glow is so pretty from the cracked glass effect
I was able to use my glue gun again that I found in a box after searching for a week for it. Then, while I had my glue gun out, I went ahead and made the hair accessories for my Mermaid inspired photoshoot I have this week. I was gonna leave them white, but then decided to paint them:

Seashell Hair Clips

Painted greenish/blue ocean colors, still wet!
well it is turning midnight and I need to get to bed, just had to get this post in! I hope you enjoyed and are inspired!

Loving this new artist: Natalia Kills

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