Peacocks, Mermaids and Stars..OH MY!

I was busy yesterday playing with makeup all day! I had already did a run through with my first model a few weeks ago, and I scheduled my other two models to come in and practice the looks we are shooting for the Photo Stylist contest, (you can read more about the contest here)

Here are my three themes I decided to come up with that I am OBSSESSED WITH!

First, I have my Galaxy Theme, with blues, purples and pinks and white stars:

Next, I have my Art Nouveau Peacock theme, inspired by the beautiful peacock feathers:

And Last, but certainly not least, Mermaids! I love the mythology of a mermaid and I must have so many mermaid photos and gifts and I even have a mermaid tattoo!

I cannot wait for the actual photo shoots which will be happening this month in the next few weeks! yay! I found an awesome photographer which I will find out her website and post it for anyone who is interested. I will def post more updates as I complete this project for the contest! Just thought I would share what I have been working on as far as my makeup craft! I hope you enjoyed and have been inspired!

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