Birds, Infinity and Music

This morning, I met up with my "Galaxy" theme model, Shiloh to give her a lil gift basket I put together along with a cd of her photos from our shoot. When we had met up months ago to discuss my photoshoot ideas, she had told me of her idea she wanted for a tattoo. She wanted to incorporate birds, music notes and the Infinity symbol, so this is what I came up with.

And of course my camera died and I cannot find the charger, so Shiloh took a pic for me and tagged me. So, here it is.

Feminine and cute, she loved it!
I wish I knew how to tattoo, but it will take some time, not to mention some training and equipment. My birthday is coming up around the corner, and I am planning on getting equipment and start an apprenticeship or mentoring with another tattoo artist.

For now, I am trying to draw everyday and enhance my skills and get better with each drawing. One day and one drawing at a time. :)

Quote of the day:

Sweet Surrender Art. Beauty. Fashion.