Custom Sneaks

My sister came from Denver to spend some time with me, and while shopping at TJ Maxx, we found some black and white converse sneakers and we got the grande idea to paint our own designs for these shoes just for US. By no means am I gonna try to break into the custom sneaker biz, I will leave that to my friend Elom, (check out his blog here ).

My sister and I

But we wanted something to represent us and our sisterhood :) Nique is an artist as well, she loves to paint with bright colors and is really into abstract art. She wanted a design with a sun and an Ohm symbol, so here is what I came up with, check it out:

me working on some of the details

She wanted me to do whatever I wanted on her other shoe, so of course, I did my signature stars, moon and universe with my Sweet Surrender name

For the colors, I used my airbrush gun, then went back through with my paintbrush to add some contour and depth, then went back through with my marker to get some of the fine lines.

Nique painted something for my brother and I painted something for her to take back to Denver.

She painted Sublime because my brother sang one of their songs on a video I posted

Here is what I painted, just something abstract with teaks, blues a lil bit of pinkand some swirlies.

That was part of my weekend! I hope you enjoyed it and draw inspiration from it.

Quote of the day:

Sweet Surrender Art. Beauty. Fashion.