Cities of Night Fashion Show

My friend, Nick who just graduated wants to put on a fashion show at the school where the theme is "Cities of Night" and fashion,makeup and hair will be focused on the trends of New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and London. We had a casting call for models last night and only a few of us showed up. So, we all put our heads together and just dived into planning this bad boy. Since Nick has graduated from the school, My friend, Jinaki "Naki Saki" are going to help head it up while he is working at a salon, since we both still attend the school.

We set the date for our fashion show which will be September 25th, Sunday from 6pm to 8pm. There will be a $5 admission fee, which half of that will be going to charity.  We are hoping to have 20 models, (4 models per City) but of course the more the merrier.

I am planning on doing makeup and background props and now I volunteered to help with the flyers and programs which I love to do! I get to indulge in my graphic designer geekyness side!!! lol

So, I just got done putting together this flyer above just to start it out, I am sure I will have to tweak it and make a black and white version so that we can get print out flyers in just black and white.

I have always loved planning fashion shows, in fact when I attended the fashion design program at the Virginia Beach Technical Education Center many years ago (10 years ago ), I had directed the shows both years I attended. So, this is right down my alley and I am excited to work on this, which will of course help towards building my portfolio and website (which will be coming soon)

Well, it is about to be 2am in the morning, so let me get off of here and get my butt to bed! Happy dreams!

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